Kills bacteria and spores ON CONTACT for a minimum of 90 days.

Stop fighting bacteria. Prevent it with the TBS solution.


A protective surface barrier consisting of barbs and strong electrical fields 

Unlike today’s disinfectants, the Protex90 molecule continues to fight after it dries . Upon drying, Protex90 forms an active surface barrier on the treated surface consisting of barbs and an electrical field. When newly introduced bacteria, pathogens or spores encounter the microbial surface, the barb punctures the cell wall and the electrical field tears it part. This safe, chemical free durable nano-coating provides lasting antimicrobial protection for up to 90 days in high traffic areas.

Personalized application strategy customized to fit your needs

Our team will work alongside you to design a treatment plan based on your environment’s specific needs. Our delivery methods each have their own advantages and are often utilized in combination. These include foggers and electrostatic sprayers.

Client Testimonials

Transparent feedback from the most trusted  source- your peers. 

One of the best decisions I have ever made! My wife and I have a Mold Inspection Company and we have assessed over 200+ Houston homes and businesses since Hurricane Harvey. I began recommending Texas Bacterial Solutions (TBS) because Steve and his entire crew- literally- do not miss a square inch when it comes to complete home treatments. I once asked TBS’s founder ‘What Drives You?’ and he responded, ‘We work as if people’s lives depend on it”. Being a Mold Assessment Consultant, well…..hearing that was music to my ears! Some people’s lives DO depend on their quality of worksmanship. This is further validated by the fact Steve uses the only product available (Protex90) which has a flawless track record of performance with flooded homes. TBS is an extremely professional company with a personal touch that is second to none. I rarely endorse a company but this is a company whom I have personally contracted…meaning I trust them with my home and family’s health when it comes to bacteria, mold and virus protection.

Josh Rachel

Founder, Texas Mold Inspections

“What is most appealing to us is that Protex90 not only provides a barrier and protects you from germs, but actively and continually kills the germs. It keeps us and our people safe.”

Protex90 Customer Testimonial

National Community Leader

We have a responsibility to control the spread of pathogens in our company and after rigorous research and testing, our Chief Medical Officer determined that the Protex90 solution was the one and only solution that met our requirements.

Protex90 Customer Testimonial

USA Health, Safety & Environment Director, Global Manufacturing