Mold Protection – Current State

Current State
Mold growth in homes is unacceptable as it poses serious health risks to people’s unsuspecting family’s. Serious cases are even lethal. Mold removal/protection should be performed by qualified professionals equipped to control the spread of dust and mold spores to ensure effective and thorough treatment.

It’s important to understand the current mindset of mold protection to appreciate that TBS takes it a step further. The current objectives of mold removal are to:

o Remove mold growth from interior surfaces
o Prevent the spread of spores to clean areas
o Remove settled dust containing spores and other microbial particulates.

The TBS Difference

Most commercial antimicrobials used are capable of providing a quick inhibition of bacteria. Common disinfectants may stop killing bacteria when they dry. PROTEX90 works differently. This EPA- registered, water based solution becomes most effective AFTER it dries. Protex90 sets up a long-term barrier working with disinfectants.

The Protex90® molecule kills mechanically, not chemically. The molecule is not a common chemical. It is environmentally friendly and a green product. Protex90® interacts with microbes residually for at least 90 days, minimizing the risk of continued microbial transfer.

For mold issues, TBS uses Protex90 DP, which is a dual purpose solution with disinfectant, to kill and stop the spread of mold. Once the mold has been killed, TBS applies the Protex90 Post-Disinfectant Protectant; providing long-term protection against regrowth and future contamination on treated surfaces.

Annual Applications

We understand things happen. Though Protex90 protects for a minimum of 90 days post treatment, beyond that window, bacteria can find it’s way back into homes through airflow, new furnishings, pets, etc. To fight the recurring growth of household bacteria, we offer annual memberships where we treat homes with Protex90 Protectant on a quarterly basis to ensure a continued, clean and healthy home.