We understand this process can be new and often times confusing to homeowners. We are here to help. Feel free to call us anytime to answer your questions – 936-320-1526

What are the benefits of TBS’s Solution?

o Kills Mechanically, Not Chemically
o Kills Residually for at least 90 days
o EPA Registered
o Odorless and colorless
o Highly durable
o Non-toxic
o Water based
o Long term prevention of a wide range of microbial growth
o Porous and non-porous post disinfectant Protection
o Can be wiped, sprayed or misted on virtually any surface. Dries rapidly
o Non-leaching
o No off-gassing
o Green product

How long does the process take?

Application time is dependent on the size of the home. Texas Bacterial can generally treat a whole home in 2-3 hours.

Do I need to stay out of the house during treatment?

It is necessary to be out of the house, including your pets, during application as well as an addition 1-hour for the fogging to settle on all surfaces.